• The Thunder Horse Field was discovered in 1999 and is one of BP’s largest discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico to date.

    The Thunder Horse Field was discovered in 1999 and is one of BP’s largest discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico to date.

  • Almost three decades after BP started investigating the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, the organization stays one of the area's driving oil and gas makers.

    Offshore Energy

    The deepwater Gulf of Mexico is one of BP's center regions all inclusive, and BP trusts it has critical open doors for future development based around four noteworthy delivering center points, four non-worked center points and an exceedingly forthcoming real estate position.

    Subsea Oil Production

    Somewhere in the range of 2014 and 2017, its normal day by day creation in the district expanded from 252,000 barrels of oil proportional to in excess of 300,000 barrels for every day. This mirrors BP's proceeded with venture at its four monstrous Gulf of Mexico generation stages: Atlantis, Na Kika, Thunder Horse and Mad Dog.

  • Thunder Horse Infographic

    Take a look and enjoy this infographic provided by BP!

    Thunder Horse Infographic

    The Thunder Horse development consists of a semi-submersible Production/Drilling/Quarters (PDQ) facility, with the capacity to produce 250,000 b/d of oil, and 200 mmscfd of gas.

    BP is using drones and robots offshore so engineers can stop potential problems before they start.

  • BP Logo PNG Transparent & SVG Vector

    Thunder Horse oil field is a large offshore deepwater oil field in the Gulf of Mexico, around 150 miles southeast of New Orleans, Louisiana.

    Found in July 1999, Thunder Horse is right now one of the biggest deepwater creating fields in the Gulf of Mexico. It comprises of two neighboring fields ('north' and 'south') being grown together, with stores in the Upper Miocene turbidite sandstones. The wells required to get to the supply are the absolute most profound in the Gulf.


    The Thunder Horse improvement comprises of a semi-submersible "Production, Drilling, Quarters" (commonly referred to as the "PDQ") office, with the ability to deliver 250,000 b/d of oil, and 200 mmscfd of gas. The prepared oil and gas is then transported to shore through outsider worked framework on the Proteus and Endymion (oil), and Okeanos and Destin (gas) pipeline frameworks.


    First oil was accomplished in June 2008 and increase to office limit was effectively accomplished inside the main year of activity. In 2017 BP begun up the Thunder Horse South Expansion venture 11 months in front of timetable and $150 million under spending plan. The task is normal to support generation at the office by an expected 50,000 gross barrels of oil proportionate every day. BP works the advancement (75% enthusiasm), with co-proprietor ExxonMobil owning the equalization.


    About BP: 

    Over the past 10 years, BP has invested more than $90 billion in the U.S. – more than any other energy company. BP is a leading producer of oil and gas and produces enough energy annually to light nearly the entire country for a year. Employing about 14,000 people across the country, BP supports more than 130,000 additional jobs through all of its business activities.

    Notes to editors:
    • BP is the largest investor in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico over the past 10 years. 
    • BP is one of the largest leaseholders in the Gulf with acreage in about 400 lease blocks. 
    • Thunder Horse is operated by BP with a 75% working interest. ExxonMobil is a partner with a 25% working interest. 
    • During 2016 BP successfully launched a major water injection project in its Thunder Horse field that will allow for the recovery of an additional 65 million barrels of oil equivalent.
    • Field production began in 2008 from the Thunder Horse field. 
    • The Thunder Horse Field was discovered in 1999 and is one of BP’s largest discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico to date.
    • Between 2013 and 2016, BP’s average daily production in U.S. Gulf of Mexico increased from 189,000 net barrels of oil equivalent to 264,000 net barrels.
    Further information:

    BP Press Office, Houston +1 281 366 4463, uspress@bp.com

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1. Our Customer Pledge
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A. Collection and Use of Information You Provide To Us.
We may ask you to provide us: (1) your first and last name, email address, home address, phone number, driver’s license number, credit and debit card numbers, checking account numbers, date of birth and social security number (when applying for or requesting services related to the Card) or other information that could reasonably be used to identify you personally (hereinafter “Personal Information”); and/or (2) demographic information, such as your zip code (“Demographic Information”). We may collect this information from you such as when you:
•	Purchase, order, return, exchange or request certain information about Mj.sale's products and services;
•	Sign up to add, view and/or apply tax exemptions associated with your account;
•	Request warranty or tax exempt information,;
•	Sign up to join the www.chrisphudson.com online mailing list;
•	Sign up to receive the www.chrisphudson.com Newsletter;
•	Enroll in the Neighbor’s Club Rewards Program;
•	Utilize features of a www.chrisphudson.com in store Kiosk;
•	Contact a Customer Call Center or customer service desk;
•	Visit, create a customer account or place an order through the Replacement Parts Portal;
•	Visit, register on, or participate in the features of one of Chris’s Sites, such as a bulletin board or community;
•	Provide www.chrisphudson.com with comments or suggestions;
•	Submit an application for employment;
•	Provide www.chrisphudson.com with any information contributed to our Sites on your behalf; and
•	Provide www.chrisphudson.com other contact information.
Your decision to provide this information is voluntary, but if you choose not to provide this requested information you may not be able to take advantage of all of the sites features or our services.
B. Information collected when you use the Site.
In addition to the information you choose to submit to us, we and/or our service providers may automatically collect and/or store certain non- personally identifiable information when you visit or interact with the Site, including in store kiosks, or communicate with us by email (“Usage Information’).  This Usage Information may be stored and/or accessed from your personal computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or other device (a ‘Device”) whenever you visit or interact with our Site or communicate with us by email. 
•	Usage Information may include but is not limited to:
•	Your IP address or other unique identifier (“Device Identifier”);
•	Your Device browser, operating system, and mobile network information;
•	The areas within our Site that you visit and your activities there, including remembering you and your preferences;
•	Your general location; and
•	Certain other Device data, including the time of day you visit the Site, among other information.
We may use various methods to collect and/or store Usage Information, such as:
(i) General Tracking Information.   www.chrisphudson.com keeps records of the pages visited by each site user.  www.chrisphudson.comaggregates this information with data on the pages visited by other users to track overall visitor traffic patterns.  www.chrisphudson.comuses this information to improve its Site and to develop functions and user tools which will make it more responsive to the needs and preferences of Chris’s customers.
(ii) Cookies.  The Site uses a technology called "cookies" to help facilitate transactions on the Site. A cookie is an element of software code that  www.chrisphudson.com Sites can send to your browser, which is then stored on your hard drive so we can recognize you when you return. All pages on our Sites where you are prompted to log in or that are customizable require that you accept cookies. If you have registered with our Sites, these cookies: (1) may let us know who you are; (2) are necessary to access the personal information previously provided to us by you in order to deliver products and personalized services; and (3) will provide us and our Service Providers with information that we will use to personalize our Sites in accordance with your preferences. Should you decide not to accept cookies from our Sites, you will limit the functionality we can provide when you visit our Site.
(iii) Tracer Tags. Mj.sale's Sites may use a technology called "tracer tags", which may also be referred to as "Clear GIFs" or "Web Beacons". This technology allows us to identify which pages you visit on our Sites. These tags are used by us to help optimize and update our Sites for you and other future website visitors.
(iv) Browser Do Not Track Signals.  Although our websites currently do not have a mechanism to recognize the various web browser Do Not Track signals, we do offer our customers choices to manage their preferences by referencing the "How to Contact Mj.sale" Section (Section 16) of this Privacy and Security Statement.
(v) Other Information.  We may collect additional automatic information about your visit to our Site, such as time of day, browser type and version, browser language, your operating system and platform, and the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the Internet. This information is used for analytical purposes and to help us provide services to our customers. We may also use this information to administer and troubleshoot our Sites.
(vi) Aggregate Information.  On occasion we may provide this aggregate information (which shall not include personally identifiable information) to vendors, investors, potential advertisers, or news agencies to demonstrate the amount of interest in our Site and to help us plan for technical infrastructure requirements.
These technologies (or ones we incorporate in the future) are used for a variety of purposes, including:
•	Prevention of fraudulent activity and improved security functionality.
•	To administer and assess the performance of the Site.
•	To analyze customer trends.
•	To offer you enhanced functionality when accessing the Site, including identifying you when you sign-in to our Site or keeping track of your specified preferences.
•	To deliver content relevant to your interests on our Site and third-party sites based upon how you interact with our advertisements and/or content.
•	To track users’ movements around the site and to gather demographic information about our user base as a whole.
  www.chrisphudson.com will not use Usage Information collected to market directly to that person.  Usage Information may; however, be shared with third-parties to provide more relevant services and advertisements to Users in the aggregate.
C. Location-Based Information
Our Site may use location-based services to verify your location, deliver you relevant content and/or advertising based on your location, as well as to share your location with our service providers as part of the location-based services we offer. Further, we or our Service Providers may use your location information to display our nearest Store location to you. You have the ability to turn location-based services on and off by adjusting the settings of your Internet browser or mobile device.
D. Information We Collect From Third Parties
We may also receive information about you from your friends and other third parties, and combine or link that information with information we have about you. To the extent we combine information we receive from third parties with your Personal Information, the combined information, unless disclosed otherwise, will be treated as Personal Information under this Privacy Policy. In no other circumstances will this Privacy Policy apply to information we receive about you from third parties.
E. Information We Collect When You Interact with Third-Party Sites.
The Site may allow certain kinds of interactions between the Site and your account on a third-party site or application. The use of this functionality may involve the third-party site providing information, including Personal Information, to us. For example, when you register with the Site, you may have an option to use your Facebook account to facilitate the registration or transaction process on the Site. If you choose to use this functionality, the third-party site may send Personal Information about you to us. If so, we will treat this information as Personal Information under this Privacy Policy. In addition, we may provide links on the Site to facilitate sending a communication from the Site. For example, we may use third parties to facilitate emails, Tweets or Facebook postings. These third parties may retain any information used or provided in any such communications or activities and these third parties’ practices are not subject to our Privacy Policy. You should review the applicable third-party privacy policies before using such tools.
F. Information You Provide About a Third Party
You may send someone else a communication from the Site, such as sending an invitation to a friend. If so, the information you provide (names, email addresses, mobile number, etc.) will be used to facilitate the communication and will not be used for marketing purposes unless we obtain consent from that person or we explicitly say otherwise. Please be aware that when you use any send-to-a-friend functionality on our Site, your email address, mobile number, name or username and message may be included in the communication sent to your addressee(s). Some of these tools may be third-party tools subject to third-party privacy policies.
You may also provide information about a third party to the extent you have authorized that person to pick up products that you have purchased online.  The information you provide (names, email addresses, mobile number, etc.) will only be used to facilitate product pick-up and will not be used for marketing purposes unless we obtain consent from that person or we explicitly say otherwise.  NOTE THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL ITEMS PURCHASED ONLINE AND PICKED UP BY A DESIGNATED THIRD PARTY. Unless and until we receive a third party’s written consent, we will not use any information you provide about a third party to contact that person for any reason, including reasons related to the pick-up of products purchased by you on our Site.      
2. How we use the information we collect.
We may use your Personal Information, Demographic Information or Usage Information for a variety of business purposes, including, but not limited to the following:
•	Improving the effectiveness of our Site, marketing endeavors and service offerings;
•	Processing credit applications and transactions;
•	Neighbor’s Club Account administration;
•	Site registration;
•	Processing and completing purchases, returns and similar transactions;
•	Providing customer service, including managing warranty claims;
•	Managing Replacement Parts Portal accounts and transactions;
•	Notifying you of product recalls or providing other information concerning products you have purchased;
•	Sending you direct mail offerings;
•	Sending you email communications such as electronic newsletters about our products, services and promotions;
•	Sending you email about orders you have made on the Site, in the Store or via the Customer Call center. 
•	Enabling you to participate in the Site’s features such as surveys and promotions;
•	Identifying your product and service preferences and informing you of new or additional products, services and promotions that may be of interest to you;
•	Providing mobile marketing messages and service messages;
•	Evaluating employment inquiries or applications;
•	For internal business purposes;
•	To enforce our terms of use and policies;
•	To respond to legal requests and prevent legal harm; and
•	For purposes disclosed at the time you provide your information or as otherwise set forth in this Privacy Policy.
3. Sharing Information With Third Parties
A. When You Request We Share With Third Parties.
We may share information with third parties at your request. In the event we do so, all information we disclose will be subject to the privacy policies and practices of such third parties. In addition, the third parties may store, collect or otherwise have access to your information when you interact with their technologies, content or apps on our Site or link to them from our Site. This may include using third-party tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other third-party posting or content sharing tools. We are not responsible for the practices of such third parties and, therefore, you should review such third-party privacy policies prior to interacting with them.
B. Third Parties Providing Services to chrisphudson.com.
We may use third party service providers to perform certain services, such as: (a) to assist us in e-commerce operations; (b) to manage a database of customer information; (c) hosting the Site; (d) designing and/or operating the Site’s features; (e) tracking the Site’s activities and analytics; (f) enabling us to send you special offers or perform other administrative services; (g) to allow you to participate in live chat on the Site; and (h) other services designed to assist us in maximizing our business potential. We may provide third parties with access to your information to carry out the services they are performing for us. Third-party analytics and other service providers such as Google Analytics may set and access their own technologies on your Device and they may otherwise collect or have access to information about you. These service providers use the technology described above to help us analyze how users use the Site. We are not responsible for those third party technologies or activities arising out of them. However, some third parties may offer you certain choices regarding their practices. For example, to learn about opting out of Google Analytics, please click here. To learn about opting out of the use of Adobe cookies for analytics and on-site personalization, please click here. We are not responsible for the effectiveness of or compliance with any third parties’ opt-out options.
C. Service Providers.
Some of our operations, such as our Customer Call Centers, may be managed by unaffiliated companies. These companies may have access to your personal information on a confidential basis only to the extent necessary to perform their functions.
D. Shipping.
If your purchases are being shipped to you, we will share your shipping information with our delivery Service Providers (United Parcel Service, FedEx, U.S. Postal Service, or other delivery companies we select).
E. To Protect the Rights of www.chrisphudson.com and our Users.
We may disclose your Personal Information if we believe in good faith that doing so is necessary or appropriate to: (i) protect or defend the rights, safety or property of www.chrisphudson.com or third parties (including through the enforcement of this Policy, our Terms of Use, and other applicable agreements and policies); or (ii) comply with legal and regulatory obligations (e.g., pursuant to law enforcement inquiries, subpoenas or court orders).
F. Affiliates and Business Transfer.
We may share your information with our parent, subsidiaries and affiliates. We also reserve the right to disclose and transfer all such information: (i) to a subsequent owner, co-owner or operator of the Site and/or our Stores; or (ii) in connection with a merger, consolidation, restructuring, the sale of substantially all of our interests and/or assets or other corporate change, including during the course of any due diligence process.
G. Sweepstakes, Contests and Promotions.
We may offer sweepstakes, contests, and other promotions (any, a “Promotion”) through the Site, in the Stores or through one of our social media pages that may require registration. By participating in a Promotion, you are agreeing to official rules that govern that Promotion, which may contain specific requirements of you, including, allowing the sponsor of the Promotion to use your name, voice and likeness in advertising associated with the Promotion. If you choose to enter a Promotion, Personal Information may be disclosed to third parties or the public in connection with the administration of such Promotion, including in connection with winner selection, prize fulfillment, and as required by law or permitted by the Promotion’s official rules, such as on a winner’s list.
H. Co-Branded Areas.
Certain areas of the Site may be provided to you in association with third parties (“Co-Branded Areas”) such as co-promotional partners and may require you to disclose Personal Information to them. Such Co-Branded Areas will identify the third party and indicate if they have a privacy policy that applies to their collection and use of your information. If you elect to register for products and/or services, communicate with such third parties or download their content or applications, you may be providing your information to both us and the third party. Further, if you sign-in to a Co-Branded Area with a username and password obtained on the Site, your Personal Information may be disclosed to the identified third parties for that Co-Branded Area. Examples of a Co-Branded Area include:
Extended Warranty Services. If you purchase a  www.chrisphudson.com Extended Warranty Service, you will be required to provide personal information to a third party.
Replacement Parts Portal.  The Replacement Parts Portal is operated by OrderTree, a third party Service Provider.  If you register an account, place an order or provide Personal Information through the Replacement Parts Portal, you will be providing your Personal Information to third party Service Providers. 
We are not responsible for such third party’s data collection or practices and you should look to such third party privacy policies for more information.
I. Secure Shopping
When you place orders on a Site, your order information, including your card number and delivery address, is transmitted through the Internet using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL technology works with your browser to encrypt your order information before transmitting it to our server.
4. Information You Submit Publicly
A. User Content and Public Information.
The Site may permit you to submit ideas, photographs, videos, audio recordings, questions, comments, suggestions or other content, including Personal Information (collectively, “User Content”), on blogs, social media sites and message boards and other public forums, as well as in connection with our Site’s product review service and wishlist feature. We or others may store, display, publish, distribute or otherwise use User Content online or offline in any media or format and may or may not attribute the User Content to you. Others may have access to this User Content and may have the ability to share it with third parties. Please note that www.chrisphudson.com Imports does not control who will have access to the information that you choose to make public, and cannot ensure that parties who have access to such publicly available information will respect your privacy or keep it secure. We are not responsible for the privacy or security of any information that you make publicly available on the Site or what others do with information you share with them on the Site.
B. Name and Likeness.
We may also publish your name, voice, likeness and other Personal Information that is part of your User Content, and we may use the content, or any portion of the content, for advertising, marketing, publicity and promotional activities. For full terms and conditions regarding User Content you submit, please review our Terms of Use.
5. Interest-Based Advertising
We may use your Personal Data to help us decide which products, services and offers may be of interest to you.
We use third party analytics and social media providers to collect information about your use of the Site, see the overall patterns of usage on the Site, deliver advertisements to your social media account based on email addresses, optimize ad performance, and to determine whether our advertising is effective.  We use analytics tools and other third party technologies, including cookies, to collect Personal Information and Non-Personal Information in the form of various usage and user metrics when you use our Site.  These tools and technologies collect and analyze certain types of information, including cookies, IP addresses, device and software identifiers, referring and exit URLs, onsite behavior and usage information, feature use metrics and statistics, usage and purchase history, MAC Address, mobile unique device ID, and other similar information.
The third party analytics companies (like Google and IBM) who collect information on our Site and other online products and/or sites may combine the information collected with other information they have independently collected from other websites and/or other online or mobile products relating to your activities across their network of websites. Many of these companies collect and use information under their own privacy policies.
In addition to our use of technologies as described herein, we may permit certain third party companies, including online ad networks such as Google and Conversant, to help us tailor advertising that we think may be of interest to you based on your use of our Services and to otherwise collect and use data about your use of our Services. These networks track your online activities over time and across third party websites and online services by collecting information through automated means, including through the use of the technologies described in the “Information We Collect When You Use the Site” Section above, and they use this information to show you advertisements that are tailored to your individual interests.  This collection and ad targeting takes place both on our Site and on third-party websites that participate in the ad network. This process also helps us track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.
Opting out of analytics:  You may opt out of Google Analytics by visiting the Google Analytics opt-out page https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.  Google has additional information available about their Remarketing Privacy Guidelines, and Restrictions.  You may learn more at  www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/. 
Opting out of Conversant: 
You may view a list of other third party service providers who collect information, and/or opt-out of such collection of information about you, by visiting http:// www.networkadvertising.org/choices/ or http:// www.aboutads.info/choices/. 
Please note that opting out of receiving targeted ads will not prevent you from being served advertisements generally; rather, opting out means that the online ads presented will not be based on your particular interests.
We currently do not respond to Do Not Track Signals.  Some third parties, such as companies that offer Internet browsers, have developed signals (e.g., browser do not track signals) that give you a choice regarding the collection of information about your online activities over time and across third-party websites or online services. Currently, we do not monitor or take any action with respect to these signals or other mechanisms offered by Internet browsers. If you would like more information on self-regulatory programs that permit you to exercise choice, click on the ad networks link in the paragraph above.
6. Third Party Links and Data.
The Site may contain content that is supplied by a third party, and those third parties may collect Usage Information and your Device Identifier when pages from the Site are served to you. In addition, Mj.sale's Site may include links to services that are operated and controlled by third parties. Examples include:
•	the Replacement Parts Portal;
We are not responsible for the data collection and privacy practices employed by any of these third parties. For example, if you “click” on a link, the “click” may take you off the Site onto a different site. These other sites may independently collect data about you and may or may not have their own published privacy policies.
The inclusion of any link does not imply Chris’s endorsement of any other company, its websites, or its products and/or services. We have no control over such websites and therefore have no responsibility or liability for the manner in which the organizations that operate such linked websites may collect, use or disclose and otherwise treat your personal information.
Third party Service Providers may need access to some of your personal information. In such cases, we only provide third party agents with the minimum amount of information needed to complete the requested service or transaction. We may also provide your information to our affiliated companies and successors. We reserve the right to provide third parties with aggregate statistics about our clients, traffic patterns and related site information. This data reflects site usage patterns, but does not contain personally identifiable information about any individual user.
7. Transfer of Information to the United States
Our Site is operated in the United States and Canada and intended for users located only in the United States and Canada. If you are located outside of the United States, please be aware that information we collect will be transferred to, and processed, stored and used in the United States. The data protection laws in the United States may differ from those of the country in which you are located, and your information may be subject to access requests from governments, courts, or law enforcement in the United States according to laws of the United States. By using the Site or providing us with any information, you consent to the transfer to, and processing, usage, sharing and storage of your information in the United States.
8. What Should Parents Know About Children
We understand the importance of protecting children’s privacy in the interactive world. We do not use the Site to knowingly collect Personal Information from children under the age of 13 without parental consent. If you are a child under 13 years of age, you are not permitted to use the Site and should not send any information about yourself to us through the Site.
In the event that we become aware that we have collected Personal Information from any child, we will dispose of that information in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. If you are a parent or guardian and you believe that your child under the age of 13 has provided us with information without your consent, please contact us at customersolutions@Mj.sale, and we will take reasonable steps to ensure that such information is deleted from our databases.
9. Security
We incorporate commercially reasonable safeguards to help protect and secure your Personal Information. However, no data transmission over the Internet, mobile networks, wireless transmission or electronic storage of information can be guaranteed 100% secure. As a result, we cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any information you transmit to or from our Site, and you provide us with your information at your own risk.
10. How Long Is My Personal Information Retained
We will keep your Personal Information only as long as is commercially reasonable for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy or for any such period as may be required by applicable law.
11. Updating Your Information and Choices
You may update or correct information about you through the Site’s account registration forms or by contacting us:
•	Send an e-mail to: customersolutions@Mj.sale
•	Fill out a comment form online now. 
 You may opt out of receiving promotional mail, emails and/or text messages from us by sending an email to customersolutions@chrisphudson.com
Please be sure to include your current information and the requested changes you would like us to make to your marketing profile in your communication. You may also cancel or modify our email marketing communications you receive from us by following the instructions contained within our promotional emails.
Additionally, if you subscribe to text messages from us, you can terminate a particular text message subscription by reply texting “TSCSTOP.” Please allow 10 days to process your email request and 6-8 weeks to process your postal mail request, during which period you may continue to receive communications from Mj.sale. 
Please note that we will retain your information for legitimate business purposes or as required by law. Also, if you have made any public postings on the Site such as in user comment sections of the Site, these communications cannot generally be removed.
Please note that we may still send you certain communications relating to your account or use of our Site, such as administrative and service announcements and these transactional account messages may be unaffected if you choose to opt-out from receiving our marketing communications.
If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, or practices described in it, please direct your communication to the above email and/or address.
12. Changes to the Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon the posting of the revised Privacy Policy and your use of our Site indicates your consent to the privacy policy posted at the time of use and you will be bound by such changes unless you advise us in writing, by phone or by e-mail that you wish to withdraw your consent (as per the procedure outlined above). You are responsible for regularly reviewing the Privacy Policy and any changes thereto.
13. Access to Personal Information
As a registered user with our Sites, you can access your profile information at any time by:
•	Clicking on the "Sign In" (link) button at the top of any page on the Sites on which you registered, then
•	Clicking on the "Your Account" (link) button on the page header or on the "Your Account" link under Customer Support.
For further instructions on accessing the personal information that  www.chrisphudson.com may have about you, please see the "How to Contact Chris" Section 16 of this Privacy Policy.
14. California Privacy Rights
Pursuant to Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code, residents of California have the right to request from a business, with whom the California resident has an established business relationship, certain information with respect to the types of personal information the business shares with third parties for direct marketing purposes by such third party and the identities of the third parties with whom the business has shared such information during the immediately preceding calendar year. To request a copy of the information disclosure provided by www.chrisphudson.com pursuant to Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code, please contact us.
15. Security Questions or Comments
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us in any one of the ways identified in Section 16.
16. How to Contact Mj.sale.
You may contact us in one of the following ways:
•	Send an e-mail to: customersolutions@Mj.sale
•	Fill out a comment form online now. Click here to go to Contact Us comment form.
17. Changes to the Privacy and Security Statement
We may change this Privacy Policy at any time in our sole discretion. Any updates to our Privacy Policy will be posted on this page so that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it. Continued use of our Sites, Stores, Customer Call Centers or other www.chrisphudson.com services following our posting of the change notice or an updated Privacy Policy will constitute binding acceptance of those changes.