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This Article Will Save You An Annual Salary

How LendingTree, Buildium, and Fiverr will save you a ton!

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When Banks Compete, You Win!

LendingTree is not a mortgage lender or broker. Rather, it is a third-party service that takes a borrower's information and submits it to multiple bankers and brokers within its vast network. These companies then compete for the borrower's business. LendingTree's selling point is that competition drives down prices, so mortgage bankers and brokers offer lower rates and fees when they know they are in direct competition with several others.

The LendingTree Process

The first step to obtaining a LendingTree mortgage is to submit an application, either on the company's website or by calling its 800 number. The application asks the standard questions a borrower finds on any mortgage application. LendingTree wants to know a borrower's income, assets, debts, occupation and length of time at his current job, and Social Security number (SSN) so a credit report can be pulled.

LendingTree does not actually process a borrower's application in-depth, nor does the company make any approval decisions itself. Typically, LendingTree uses a borrower's SSN to obtain his FICO score, and it uses this information to choose the lenders to which it submits the application. Certain lenders in the company's network favor borrowers with perfect or near-perfect credit, while others cater to borrowers who have a few blemishes.

Next, LendingTree submits the borrower's application to lenders and brokers within its network. In most cases, four or five companies receive this information. They can see the borrower's name, home address, phone number, desired loan amount, monthly income and FICO score. From this information, they can put together a preliminary quote to present to the borrower.

A LendingTree borrower often begins receiving calls from mortgage companies within five to ten minutes after submitting an application. The person on the other end of the phone is a trained salesperson whose job it is to convince the borrower there is not a better deal out there. For the borrower, it is highly prudent to listen to all quotes before making a decision. Moreover, in many cases, a lender is miraculously able to come up with a better deal when a borrower calls back to say that a subsequent lender beat his quote. This is another advantage of LendingTree: It provides an easy process by which a borrower can play several lenders against one another to get the best deal.

LendingTree Disadvantages

LendingTree offers several benefits, and borrowers who know how to make the most of the service can usually walk away with a better mortgage deal than they would have gotten by working with only one lender. However, using LendingTree comes with a couple of drawbacks. Perhaps the biggest frustration voiced by LendingTree customers is they end up inundated with phone calls and emails. Five companies may not sound like a lot, but the loan officers at these companies are probably paid on commission. They have a huge financial incentive to earn the business of each borrower lead they contact. Therefore, it is unlikely they will call the borrower once, make their pitch and then hope they get chosen. A more likely scenario is that the borrower has five hungry salespeople calling and emailing at all hours of the day to shoulder their way in front of their competitors.

Borrowers wary of excessive credit pulls should tread with caution. In addition to LendingTree pulling a borrower's credit, the five lenders will likely want to run their own credit reports too. While the credit bureaus have esoteric algorithms for calculating credit scores, some people believe multiple pulls in a short period lowers score. Others argue that several mortgage pulls over a short period counts as only one pull. Since the credit bureaus keep their methods secret, no one knows with certainty which is the case.

Buildium... Built for Property Managers.

How Buildium Can Help...

Buildium is a Web-based property management solution that enables managers of residential and association properties to take complete control of every aspect of their business, including the rent, vacancy and maintenance cycles.


Buildium streamlines management of the rent cycle with key features such as tenant and lease tracking, full general ledger accounting, automated rent and late fee reminders and on-demand reports. Additionally, rent collection can be automated; and property managers can receive online payments via Buildium’s tenant portal.


Management of the vacancy cycle begins with syndicating vacancies to Buildium’s listing partners, including Zillow, Trulia and Craigslist, as well as Buildium’s own free marketing website. When applicants fill out Buildium’s customizable online rental applications, the information is saved instantly to the Buildium tenant database. Buildium also offers online tenant screening services for running background checks.


Tenants and rental owners can submit requests online via Buildium’s tenant and owner portals. Property managers can turn these requests into work items and assign them to maintenance managers and staff using Buildium or Buildium’s mobile app. All requests are timestamped and include an option to attach photos.


Buildium’s tiered-pricing plans do not require a start-up fee or annual contract. A monthly subscription includes 24/7 support from a customer care team. Customers can submit support request tickets anytime or take advantage of extended phone support, available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EDT.

Buildium... Built for Property Managers.
Fiverr’s cheap pricing model targets cheap employers (or clients) who browse the site looking for the cheapest freelancers to get their job done at the lowest possible cost.

Why limit yourself when you have the potential to make $5000 a month, or maybe even more?

Your new business you will need some digital marketing help... done by professionals - that's where Fiverr comes in! Fiverr’s cheap pricing model targets cheap employers (or clients) who browse the site looking for the cheapest freelancers to get their job done at the lowest possible cost. Most of them don’t even care about the quality, they just want the job done for cheap.


But, ask yourself: Would you rather be known as the guy who designs logos for $5 or the guy who design logos for million-dollar startups? Even if you managed to catch the attention of a good client, Fiverr limits your pricing to either $5, $25, $50, or $100. Sure you can also add extras or ask for multiple order placements to charge higher for your services, but each time a buyer places an order Fiverr takes 20% off of each order (plus PayPal processing fee). Is it really worth it? This type of a fixed pricing model makes Fiverr a cheap marketplace for freelancers to not only sell their skills at cheap but also to bid adieu to their freelancing career. Because chances are, if you’re lucky, you’ll probably end up selling 50 or 100 gigs per month earning you around $250 to $500.

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