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HostGator is the WORST Web Host!

Do not waste your time, nor money with this illegitimate company.

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Migrating a site to HostGator was the WORST MISTAKE I have made with this online venture!

I didn't realize how poor their reputation is until I got fed up and started posting my own reviews... it is then when I read other customer's complaints about the very same issues I was having. Don't believe me? See for yourself, just go read some reviews on Google, Yelp, BBB, TrustPilot, or any other site that allows users to provide their feedback. Be warned, there are some sites that say HostGator is the "absolute best hosting company," albeit you'll notice that those sites do not have a comment section (Hmm). But wait... their scheme gets better! (and when I say, "better," I mean "more fraudulent."

Namecheap is so much better than HostGator

If you go to their homepage, you'll see that PC Mag gives them 5 STARS! Hmm, but just read through a few comments by actual customers and you'll see that is a completely fabricated review! So how did HostGator manage to get a 5-star review when all the feedback is negative? This is like the Presidential Polls all over again! Without copying the 50+ pages of negative customer reviews, I'll just provide the few right after mine...

  • Amy Miller • 11 days ago • edited

    Hostgator managed to bribe all the influencers and reviewers online. They probable do it with their generous affiliate program. Anyway Hostgator is the worst of the worst web hosting you can find. Even godaddy is better!!

    Jeffery Wilson lost all of his credibility by putting Hostgator as number one choice and has to be fired from PC mag if the magazine planning to be relevant.

  • jmatt55 • a month ago

    Hostgator is the worst business mistake I have ever made. They will allow your site to be infected with malware and then shake you down for "security fees" with their sister corporation, SiteLock. So you pay their ransom demands and Site Lock STILL can't clean up the site. Google Adwords was able to tell me FOR FREE more about my site's malware issues than the PAID Sitelock service.

  • Tim Burch2 months agoI couldn't disagree more with this review. As other comments have stated, this author is a shill, and HostGator is a sham. Their web hosting is the worst in the business in terms of performance, customer support, access (SSH, etc.), and control (over programs installed, configuration, etc.). Sure, it's easy to spin up a website on HostGator. However, you can't do much of anything with it

  • leeroy • 2 months ago

    C'mon PC Mag! No way this isn't about pumping up an affiliate. Hostgator has 1 star on BBB, Trustpilot and other reputable review services for a reason and I wish I had checked there instead of fake reviews like here before I chose them. I paid for 3 years of service, but tried to cancel after just a few months of poor performance and no resolutions from their tech support. Unfortunately, I will not get any of my months of paid for hosting returned because it was past their 45 day policy. An unfair policy that they stand by 100% and refuse to return money for services paid for that will not be rendered. I will never consider them again for a website I own.

PC Mag wrote fraudulent review for HostGator - This article proves it!

HostGator has a 1-star rating on the

Better Business Bureau ("B.B.B.")

If you read through the reviews on the BBB website, you'll find the same thing on PC Mag's comment section, except the BBB clearly isn't being bribed to lie about HostGator's actual service. So, here's the review that I left for them on

HostGator has a 1-Star review on BBB - Read the complaints and negative reviews to see for yourself.

"THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST HOSTING COMPANY I'VE EVER DEALT WITH!!! My website was down for 2 days when I [once again] contacted support for an update... they just don't care! Notice how they don't bother responding to customer reviews on here! That is the ultimate testament to corroborate my negative feedback for this hosting company. They do not care at all about your success! They tempt you with perk and "free" add-on promotional products, yet the free versions are just enough for you to require an upgrade in order for the feature to be beneficial. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME NOR MONEY --- UPDATE --> It has now been 3 days, no updates from HostGator and no assistance given from customer support - MY SITE HAS BEEN DOWN FOR 3 DAYS NOW!!! All they had to do was migrate a database and domain from Namecheap! I will be taking more screenshots to prove how worthless this company is... DO NOT WASTE YOU TIME WITH THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY!"

- Chris Hudson (20 June 2019)

Trust BBB's Negative rating for HostGator

"Since September of 2017, the BBB of Houston & South Texas has received numerous complaints and customer reviews that are exhibiting the following pattern: According to consumer’s complaints and customer reviews, it has been alleged by consumers that the business practices of Hostgator are deceptive. Many of the concerns mentioned are consumers paying for services they are not receiving, cancellations not being processed in a timely manner and not adhering to the contract agreement and/or website advertisements. This also includes, but not limited to domains being transferred and failure to provide friendly staff to provide assistance, and failure to honor their 45 day back money back guarantee.
Additionally, it has also alleged when consumers attempt to contact Hostgator’s customer service regarding their concerns; the representatives are rude, un-assisting and aggressive. When requesting to speak to upper management it is said there are often multiple transfers and long hold times. Upon reaching management, consumers are met with the same unhelpful attitude. Consumers also alleges Hostgator automatically renews their accounts without authorization, being billed after the cancellation and additional unauthorized charges to their credit cards, bank accounts and PayPal accounts. When contacted and brought to the company’s attention the consumers are told Hostgator will not provide a refund. If a refund request was approved the refunds were often not received for weeks or months. Further complainants allege they are told to email the company or leave a message, and someone will call them back; no call back or email received within the allotted time frame or after; the consumer has to reach out to the company again in an attempt to resolve the matter. In closing complainants state Hostgator does not accept responsibility for their representative’s behavior or misleading customers/potential customers and they do not honor their 100% 45-day money back guarantee."

Source: BBB

BBB gives HostGator a 1-Star Review
HostGator has a 1-Star rating with Consumer Affairs! Read the comments from actual customers who have been duped by HostGator's fraudulent marketing tactics.

Here are the first 5 reviews on Consumer Affairs regarding their feedback on HostGator:

Anthony of Fort Lee, NJ Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: June 12, 2019


Over a week ago I began transferring my domain from my previous hosting provider to HostGator. The problems began when I first gave them the EPP code from my previous hosts. They claimed it invalid, even though previous host Just Host said it worked for them. 3 days later, Just Host issues a new code, it works and I think, great. Now in a couple of days for the transfer to go through I can go in and redesign my website. I try to use HostGator's own website builder, but it won't allow me to choose a template, I'm told tech support will work on it.


DDA of East Delhi, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 12, 2019


We are working with them since long, but whenever we face issue in website due to any changes by their side, they charge us to make it fine. On 29th May 2019 morning hours my website stopped working. I called up them, they said you deleted few files from file manager. I checked the log of login details and everything because why should I do that, but my all logs were there of last year even last 4 years. They removed all current trash, caches and logs of May month. I asked them backup for those, they charged me a good amount and provided every garbage just my required files were not there. Then I came to reviews after spending 10 day on them, lot of customers faced same issues. They delete the files, down the website, make changes on their own and charge their clients. All the current files has gone. Now I have to work hard on the website to make it again, but not with them for sure.


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Gustavo of Altamonte Springs, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 11, 2019


We have not been able to send email for a week and contacted DescriptionHostGator support 3 days ago and still cannot get any status on the progress of resolving this problem other than that they are still working on it. We are sure that the problem is on their end and that has been verify and confirmed. We have tried phone support and online support and not a single update provided. HostGator does not have a method of checking the status of a case ID on any of their customer control panels (Billing or general control panels) so you are forced to call or waste your time using online chat.


2 people found this review helpful

John of Bethlehem, PA Verified Reviewer

Original review: April 4, 2019


From the moment you sign on with them, they start warning that if you don't pay for the extra malware protection, your site could be infected. Guess what. They will infect your site and then shake you down for extra fees. STAY FAR FAR AWAY.


2 people found this review helpful

Eric of Lancaster, PA Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 27, 2019


When it works they are great. When it does not they are horrid. 7+ days with no responses to support tickets when site is down because they shut it off. Vague messages at shutoff that give you virtually no details, Front line support shields Admins so you can never talk to someone dealing with the actual server. Long time customer that has hung with them a long time will be leaving on next renewal... and while mentioning that, they give 50-80% discounts to new customers. NOT to current customers who have been with them. So get deal at first and lock in as long as you can because at renewal it it full retail rates which are NOT competitive.

HostGator has a 1-Star Rating on TrustPilot

Ok, I think you get the point... so I'll just post the first review

shown on TrustPilot regarding their feedback on HostGator:

Akshay - Bad Support

I am really disappointed and wonder why I opted to go with HostGator for hosting my websites. Whenever my websites were taken down, they never provided me with proper “log” concerning the issue, explaining why the websites are down. Moreover, my websites weren’t restored for a month. I got no response from them and then after a month, my websites were restored back without any intimation or explanation, as if nothing had ever happened!
Well, HostGator services are not only pathetic but they are totally unreliable. They lack the know-how to run a sincere web hosting service and are unethical to the core, as they completely failed to provide an honest service that they promised me for certain fees (i.e. hosting charges – the one that their website advertises). Or, it may be another way around – they want people to upgrade their current package so that they can make more money when the customer moves to a higher package. Whatever the tactics that are followed by HostGator, is completely unhealthy, unsafe and wouldn’t do any good to their customers’ business and reputation.

If you want to host a business website, never opt for HostGator, as their hosting services are miserably bad and their customer service is almost non-existent, so you’ll find yourself in deep waters without any help approaching you if at all you find your website is taken down! With my personal experience with HostGator, what I can give is Negative Ratings (-100).

Source: Akshay (on TrustPilot)

Namecheap offer the best hosting service

I have over 900 domains registered with Namecheap, and never really had a problem with any of their web services - one of the main reasons I decided to test HostGator is to see what all the hype was about... yes, hype. Namecheap offers Free Privacy Protection Forever & 2 Months Email for fee. Easy Setup. 24/7 Support (chat function is actually fast and can solve your problems). You also get free Comodo SSL for every registered domain, as well as Free WHOISGuard. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, just email me or leave a comment in the box below. This has been a huge lesson learned for me, so I would be glad to share my mistakes with you.

Namecheap offer the best hosting service

If you want my advice,

go with, you'll thank me later.

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