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Is Amazon's DSP Program Unethical?

Here's my experience... you be the judge.

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Amazon is giving employees a financial incentive to launch a small business – but not as online sellers... and only for certain groups of people.

Amazon DSP Earnings Potential

It’s giving US employees up to $10,000 and 3 months’ salary to build a package delivery business through its Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program. Since launching in June 2018, Amazon’s DSP program has helped create more than 200 small businesses, who have hired and created

In short, I was not given fair consideration when I applied to Amazon's DSP (delivery service provider) program. Although I did an extensive market analysis [for Montgomery county] and submitted my application the day it was first announced, my application was eventually rejected a few months later without explanation. See attached brochure for details of the program.

I let some time pass and decided to reapply, but faced the same outcome a few weeks later. It was at that point when I filed an EEOC complaint and was subsequently granted a Right to Sue letter. However, it wasn't long after contacting the EEOC that a local Amazon manager called me and set up a conference call to discuss things. During our meeting I explained everything that I'm telling you, and he basically said it was a systematic error and he'll put my application back in for the next batch that comes around.

Amazon DSP program is not for white males

At this point I've waited long enough and deserve an explanation as to why I wasn't considered even though my credentials are exceptional, as follows:

1. Timing. (Applied as soon as the program launched)

2. No criminal history.

3. Clean driving record.

4. Combat veteran.

5. B.B.A. from Ashford University (3.96 GPA)

6. Provided proof of capital ($100k) which far exceeded the $10k minimum requirement.

7. Informed them that my wife is a stay-at-home mom who is eager to assist and would be a great asset to the team - a partnership which is encouraged within the FAQ section of Amazon Logistics website.

Delivery Service Partner Program for Veterans

Amazon has committed $5 million toward funding the startup costs for Veterans, offering $10,000 reimbursements to qualified candidates to build their own businesses. DSPs also have access to Amazon technology and resources, which includes hands-on training, on-demand support, and access to branded vans, uniforms, insurance and more. Amazon also provides DSPs with the package volume they need to grow their business while building a great team and managing the operations.

Who is eligible?

All Veterans with a drive to succeed are invited to apply. Logistical experience is not required.

Seriously, what else could I have provided? Why bother trying in life if all my sacrifices will be ignored because Im a white male? I might as well quit my job and get on Welfare. I believe in equality. In fact, I'm a firm believer that you're not entitled to anything in life except for an equal opportunity - a chance that I was not given. This discrimination claim can easily be proven by retrieving my application and comparing it to the selected candidate.

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